Why We're Unique

We are a family run business and pride ourselves on being friendly, creative, professional and fair.  

In 1980, Border Oak revived the art of traditional green oak framing, which had been out of use for more than 200 years, and over the past 4 decades we have established an unrivalled reputation as craftsmen, innovators and purveyors of the finest oak framed structures available.

Most importantly, we know (and love) our products and feel passionately about what we do.

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Border Oak have a long and widely acknowledged reputation as industry leaders and innovators.

We have pioneered major advances in both the construction and self build market - transforming the process and enhancing what is achievable, accessible and available.

Border Oak invented the much imitated Oak Frame Infill Panel (ours was the first and only to be TRADA and NHBC assessed and approved). Many have tried to copy our high performance panel, and yet it remains the best available. It has been adopted as 'Best Practice' by the National House Building Council (NHBC), and remains the ultimate method to make an exposed oak frame waterproof and thermal whilst also allowing for the natural movement of the oak frame.

Border Oak were the first company to embrace the potential of SIPs in the UK (we designed and built the very first domestic SIPs building in the UK in 2000, as featured on Grand Designs). We first used SIPs for our own design barn in 1999 - subsequently devising and inventing all the necessary details and methods to combine green oak with the structural panel system and launching this to market - a truly revolutionary advancement that has shaped the industry.

Border Oak delivered the first collective custom build schemes in the late 1980's - constantly refining (and personally investing in) the concept and opening the possibility of self build & custom build to a wider audience. We helped redefine how plots could be found and purchased, making self build more affordable for more people. We continue to shape this area of the industry, resolving and removing many of the entry barriers.

More recently, we have been working on an exciting, innovative (top secret!) new housing concept that brings together our construction skills, design capabilities, innovation, sustainabilty credentials, knowledge and craftsmanship and will hopefully continue our legacy of innovation.

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Full construction service

Uniquely, Border Oak offer a full build service (including project management) with the main construction works under a fixed price, giving the client peace of mind. We can undertake every stage of your project from design to final delivery (even interior specification and lightbulb fitting if needed!), yet we remain flexible enough to tailor our packages to your specific needs. Despite what others might profess, we are truly the only oak frame manufacturer to offer a turnkey service using our own Project Managers and our long established labour pool, all under one Contract

You can order just the oak frame from us if this suits your project best (our oak frames are handmade using the highest quality oak and with incomparable attention to detail), but we are very well known for providing a complete 'turnkey' option - using our own labour and materials and for a Fixed Price Contract. Whether you only need the oak frame, or perhaps want us to make the structure watertight for you or your builders to internally fit out, Border Oak will design the house as if we were responsible for building it too - so you have the peace of mind of knowing that someone has considered all the technical aspects, construction detail and that the project is deliverable, cost effective and practical to build.

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Adaptable, multi disciplined and professional

Border Oak can build with masonry, softwood framing, structural oak framing and SIPs (Structurally Insulated Panels). 

In reality, many of our projects are a combination of these methods and because our designers have every construction discipline available to them, we are able to build the most appropriate home for you and your budget. We also understand that it is possible to have too much oak in your home and that sometimes 'less is more'. We are specialists in refining and editing the oak frame so that it is authentic, structural and aesthetically pleasing - yet not overbearing nor prohibitively expensive. You may find that other oak frame manufacturers rely on the volume of oak for their core business and as such incorporate as much oak as possible in order to maintain a profit margin - Border Oak take a different approach.

Our Project Managers are incredibly experienced and are able to bring all associated trades and experts together, following sophisticated build schedules and accessing an unrivalled number of Border Oak specialists, craftsmen, builders and products - many of which are not available elsewhere. We have our own labour for every construction stage and work alongside additional specialists to build the best oak framed houses on the market.

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Craftsmanship & Authenticity

Our exceptionally high standard of workmanship and the authenticity of our buildings sets us apart from our competitors and this has become our distinctive trademark.

Border Oak’s detailing, build quality and aesthetic is now nationally recognised as a benchmark for excellence.

Our houses invariably have higher re-sale values than a conventional equivalent – supported by the many national awards we have won, magazines articles and television shows our buildings have featured on (including Grand Designs, Restoration Man, Building the Dream)

Perhaps the greatest testament to our product is repeat orders from past clients, the word of mouth recommendations and recognition from industry experts. Many of the Border Oak team have built their own Border Oak homes - a clear demonstration that we know and love our product.

We are passionate about both our product and service and aim to exceed expectations and to continually improve and learn.