Our Workshops

Our framing workshops are based in rural Herefordshire.

We are incredibly fortunate to have a large team of experienced green oak carpenters - traditionally trained and true craftsmen.

Every oak frame we produce is made by hand, using artisan medieval based carpentry skills, from only the finest Restoration Grade green oak. Our carpenters are experienced and knowledgeable craftsmen and we are very proud of the care, attention and creativity that is lavished on every frame - large or small.

Our carpentry team are also qualified Timber Graders. This enables them to professionally check each piece of oak that is delivered from our suppliers and to uphold our very high standards - our view is that there is no point hand crafting a substandard beam. We know our expectation is unusually high, but we are crafting structures that should stand for centuries.

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Passion, pride and excellence 

Border Oak was founded on John Greene's single minded passion to revive the lost art of green oak framing.

From years of studying and repairing original frames we were able to assemble a small team of craftsmen, who have since trained many generations of younger carpenters, always remaining true to the medieval carpentry skills that are fundamental to authentic structural framing systems.

We have consciously and deliberately kept our automated modern machinery minimal – most of it dates (as do many of our best loved colleagues) from the 1950’s - and yet (just like our best loved colleagues), it performs admirably.

We feel it is important to protect and preserve the art of hand made green oak framing, which is constantly under threat from both planning policy, fake applications and cheaper machinery processes.


All of our frames are made by hand - from start to finish. However, we enhance the process with high-tech frame & engineering drawings at the very start of any project.

Complex frames are subject to continual discussion - a collaboration between the carpenter and design team - often requiring templates and additional processes with never ending precision refinement. Simpler frames move through the workshop tables until they are completed and, like all frames, are test assembled in our 'setting out' yard.

Externally, beams are left 'rough sawn' - a traditional finish that suits the exterior best. Clients can choose either a smooth flat planed finish or a less uniform 'adzed' surface internally; all produced by hand. Edges are chamfered or drawknifed with more intricate finishes and details available where appropriate. Our frames are continually checked and refined with carpenters tags inscribed as a sign of completion.

Border Oak carpenters have their own distinctive library of Tags, which can also be used as identification during frame erection. Based loosely on Roman numerals, the tags are an important tradition in the history of oak framing.

We wholeheartedly believe that a Border Oak frame - made from the finest oak available, crafted with care, attention and truely bespoke - is impossible to better.


We are, and have always been, the world's finest oak frame makers.