Our Planning Services

The planning process may appear daunting – a confusing world of forms, procedures, terminology, policies, committee meetings, delays, frustration and false starts. 

However, Border Oak has extensive planning experience across the UK and we pride ourselves on our highly successful track record. We would be delighted to assist your project through the planning journey, or work alongside your chosen architect or planning consultant to secure a positive outcome.

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Ideally, your plot will have either Full or Outline Approval before you complete the purchase. However, it is becoming more common for land to be sold with an 'in principle' approval or possibly with just a positive pre-application response. It may have no planning approval at all, but is allocated for development through an offical adopted plan such as a Neighbourhood Development Plan (parish planning policies) or Core Strategy (local planning policy). Whatever the planning background, we will be able to offer impartial expert advice prior to purchase and a full planning submission service after purchase.

Sometimes it is possible to enter into a ‘Conditional Contract’ whereby you agree to purchase a plot for an agreed sum, following a subsequent and successful Planning Application.

We would always encourage early dialogue with your Planning Officer – to assess the suitability of your potential site, identify any pervading policy requirements and to avoid abortive costs or misunderstandings. A Pre-Application request is often recommended, whereby the project concept is submitted to the Local Authority (a charge is levied) and they respond with relevant policy guidance and an indication of the likelihood of approval.


Most Local Authorities welcome and encourage consultation before the submission of a formal planning application. The Planners’ Pre Application advice should be constructive, informative, policy based, and focused upon a presumption in favour of sustainable development. They should look to provide solutions to obstacles wherever possible, and this feedback will enable us to design an appropriate scheme that is policy compliant.



Border Oak are able to help you prepare a Pre-Application Submission or to produce a Full Planning Application. We can conduct negotiations and consultations with the planners on your behalf; monitoring and reviewing the process of the application, providing additional information to help achieve a successful conclusion. Alternatively, we would be pleased to work with your appointed Architect/Agent and provide supporting and details as required. 

To support and enhance the planning process we can also supply:

  • Design & Access Statements
  • Landscaping Schemes
  • Sustainability Statements and Assessments 
  • Technical information and evidence based surveys (e.g. topographical, ecological, heritage, drainage etc)
  • Artist impressions, aerial views, CGI renditions
  • Material samples and detailed specification
  • Photographs and sketches of similar projects



Neighbourhood Development Plan

Your planning journey might also be influenced by Neighbourhood Development Plans, which are formulated by parishes and communities and are supplementary to the Local Development Strategy and The National Planning Policy Framework. These plans contain the relevant policies that will be utilised to determine your application.

Any planning scheme should aim to be in compliance with these policy documents.