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New Project

Redgate House
the frame begins
Over the past few months we have been building a new home for John and Patsy Greene


John and Patsy are the owners of Border Oak. They currently live in the very first Border Oak house, but two years ago decided it was time to downsize. They found a plot in the village where they live and John was born, next door to their daughter and son - in - law, Merry and Ben, who live at Meadowmead.

John, a highly regarded vernacular architect in his own right who started Border Oak in 1980, worked closely with Darren our lead architect to design a home that combines his passion for the Arts and Crafts Movement and craftsmanship, with our innovative construction detail. The aim was to deliver a unique home that will sit beautifully in its acre site (a former cider orchard) and last for centuries as a celebration of material, detail and craft.

We have prepared a few journal posts outlining the background to Redgate House - how John designed the house, how we secured planning approval and how we have built it (its a bit experimental - we thought it best to research on them rather than a real client!) and hope you enjoy hearing more about it over the next few months. 

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the frame begins