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Border Oak - oak framed houses, oak framed garages and structures.

Our oak frames make use of a traditional post and beam principle with arched braces and oak pegs. Using a 'bay' system we can design buildings that achieve optimum sections, spans, structural efficiency and cost effectiveness.

The bay system is remarkably flexible and an almost infinite number of configurations can be developed from the basic form. Structures can be added to one another to create attractive combinations.

Our oak outbuildings are often used as garages, workshops and studios.

Past projects include school rooms, shops, display buildings, museums, extensions and annexes.

From potting sheds to cricket pavillions, playrooms to party barns, our Standard Model range is diverse and adaptable.

Our Standard Models are available as self-assembly 'kits'. An almost inifinite number of configurations can be developed from the basic designs.

All our frames are made from Restoration Grade oak using mortise and tenon joints, seasoned oak pegs and arched braces.

Materials can be selected to suit your location and the vernacular traditions surrounding you, and to complement and enhance a neighbouring property.

Our modular system can also be easily upgraded to take breather membranes and insulation, enabling you to create wonderful interiors for year-round usage.

Please contact us for more information about upgrading and adapting our Standard Models.